Easing the Transition to the First Injectable for People with Type 2 Diabetes - Certificate of Completion


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Consider weekly long-acting GLP-1RA options to improve wellbeing for people with T2D


CDEs play an instrumental role in helping persons with T2D transition to their first injectable therapy at the appropriate time. This involves effectively communicating physiological benefits of GLP-1RA treatment, as well as assisting in effectively navigating patient concerns, such as injection technique. Based on the individual needs of the patient, strategies to improve patient acceptability to injectable therapy and ongoing management can then be developed, thereby addressing any reasons for patient inertia that may be present.

This program has been endorsed by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association for 1.00 CPD point.

This interactive online learning activity is valued at 1Hour(s) of continuing education.

Marwan Obaid (
Staff Specialist Endocrinologist
Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital,
South Western Sydney Local Health District, NSW), Rachel Freeman (
APD, CDE, BHSc (Nut&Diet), MSc (Diabetes)
Professional Services Manager
Australian Diabetes Educators Association)

Après avoir complété ce programme de formation, les participants seront en mesure de :

  • résumer les stratégies non-pharmacologiques et pharmacologiques employées pour prendre en charger la constipation, tant aiguë que chronique;
  • discuter des mythes et idées fausses qui prévalent au sujet de la constipation et des laxatifs;
  • reconnaître le rôle du pharmacien dans l’offre de conseils aux patients au sujet des options de traitement pour la constipation.

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