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Revolutionize Your Practice With Continuing Medical Education

MDBriefCase’s comprehensive continuing medical education (CME) courses help you keep up with the latest developments in your field. Learn at your own pace and gain practical knowledge that you can apply in the real world to improve your patients’ lives. Join over 280K+ medical professionals who have elevated their expertise with MDBriefCase’s convenient and free continuing medical education courses.

Who Is MDBriefCase?

MDBriefCase is an international leader in CME courses. For over 20 years, we’ve helped healthcare providers across the globe stay up to date with the latest medical advancements. We offer thousands of innovative online courses that medical professionals use to enrich their practice and expand their skills. Through innovative partnerships, we provide high-quality content, free of charge, to more than 280,000 members in Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

MDBriefCase Courses


Thank you to MDBriefCase partners for 19+ years of continued trust and support.

Why Partner With MDBriefCase?

MDBriefCase helps organizations worldwide provide cutting-edge, online and in-person continuing medical education courses. Here are just a few of the benefits our collaborators can experience:

Icon International Speakers

Access to International Speakers

Our global network of experts can help develop courses and professional development workshops on a wide array of topics. International speakers provide new perspectives and engage more audience members

Icon Interactive Learning

Interactive Educational Programs

We combine innovative clinical knowledge with equally cutting-edge technology. Share your educational message through highly engaging, multimodal online courses



Collaborate with MDBriefCase to design custom digital programs and receive data-driven insights about their impact

Icon Global Audience

Engage Global Audiences

MDBriefCase specializes in providing international continuing medical education, enabling you to connect with professionals worldwide. Our broad user base includes practitioners in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East

Contact MDBriefCase to learn how we can transform your vision for continuing medical education into a reality

Watch, Listen, Learn on the Go

MDBriefCase offers groundbreaking, peer-reviewed continuing medical education for family physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other practitioners. Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home with our accredited online courses. Our professionally-designed, free CMEs make it easy to discover the latest treatment methods and best practices.

Join the MDBriefCase community and get access to:

Earn CME/CPD credits at your own pace and using your favourite device.

Get the latest educational and industry updates in our newsletters and digests.

Explore our library of patient health management programs, podcasts, videos, briefs and webinars.

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