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What is Bench to Practice

Bench to Practice has been designed to inform and educate healthcare providers on data and recommendations, with the goal of encouraging evidence-based behavioural change, optimizing patient care and increasing quality measures.

On-Demand Webinars

Missed a live event? Now you can view our webinar series on-demand. Recognized healthcare experts share their perspectives on the most current data and recommendations and respond to the most pressing questions about COVID-19 vaccinations, treatments, and patient counselling.

Straight Talk on COVID-19 Series

The Straight Talk video series, hosted by internationally recognized experts, features candid, unfiltered discussion on current COVID-19 data, trends, research, and recommendations, responding to the most urgent questions and challenges facing healthcare providers.
Dr. David Strain

Clinical Lead for the COVID-19 Service in South-West England and Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School

Dr. Peter Lin

Family Physician and Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Centre

Michael Boivin

Clinical pharmacist consultant, continuing education developer and president of CommPharm Consulting Inc.

Expert Brief Videos

What are the experts saying? The Expert Brief videos, featuring top healthcare experts, take a deep dive into topics surrounding COVID-19 and vaccinations, helping you learn more about the vaccine platforms, best practices in counselling and applying the latest in real world evidence to your practice.

Clinical Paper Highlights

A team of experts review key COVID-19 related clinical studies and synthesize into a 1-2 page summary in an easily digestible format. Accompanied with the summary is a short video from an expert clinician on how to use the latest findings in your everyday practice to improve patients’ treatment and outcome.