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DED: A New Understanding

One of the most frequent causes of patient visits to optometrists, dry eye disease (DED) is both a common and misunderstood problem.

A complex and multidimensional condition, DED has been redefined in the 2017 Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society International Dry Eye Workshop II (TFOS DEWS II) report to reflect the most current understanding of the rapidly evolving science of DED.

Optometrists lead the way in dispelling the misperception that DED is merely a symptom, and in addressing the importance of proper identification and treatment, for both quality of life and to prevent progression to chronic ocular surface disease. This program brings optometrists up-to-date in the new identification and management of DED.

This activity, COPE Activity Number 115363, is accredited by COPE for continuing education for optometrists. This continuing education activity has been accredited by L’Ordre des optométristes du Québec, which will grant 1 CEU to optometrists who have completed it successfully. This program has been reviewed and developed by The Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry.

  • Krista Flynn ( OD)
  • Langis Michaud ( OD, MSc, FAAO (Dipl), FSLS, FBCLA, FEAOO)
  • Richard Maharaj (OD, FAAO)

On completion of this program, participants will be better able to:

  1. Appreciate the prevalence and health risks of symptomatic asthma among adults in Australia
  2. Identify symptomatic patients using validated tools
  3. Recommend non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment strategies for patients who remain symptomatic despite appropriate ICS/LABA use
  4. Discuss the evidence for tiotropium in the management of people with symptomatic asthma, and the device approved for this indication

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