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Melanoma and Skin
Cancer Awareness Month

Skin Cancer: How to Facilitate Early Diagnosis and Treatment Learn More
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Bench to Practice

Healthcare education to encourage evidence-based behavioral change, increasing quality measures, optimizing patient care, and improving treatment results/outcome. Learn More
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Select from thousands of industry-leading, focused courses and see why 280K+ medical professionals trust MDBriefCase for their continuing medical education and professional development.

Thank you to MDBriefCase’s esteemed partners for 19+ years of continued trust and support.

It’s simple: Better education, better outcomes Deliver results with our data-informed course development process

See how partnering with MDBriefCase helps institutions across the world deliver smart, practical content for their professional members.

Identify key knowledge gaps with Needs Assessments and member insights

Tailor your programs to meet the real-world needs of practicing clinicians

Provide engaging multi-platform content for all devices and learning styles

Pay just a fraction of the cost of in-person training while enjoying all the benefits of digital customization and control

Deliver highly effective education at a fraction of in-person training costs

We are experts are integrating new information into modern clinical practices through rich, multimedia experiences

Help your educational message resonate across our broad Canadian, Australian and international professional user base

Real-world topics allow clinicians to immediately test their learning, apply it in their own practice and directly measure outcomes.

World-class Programs with Local Accreditation
Peer-reviewed Professional Development

MDBriefCase Group Inc. provides accredited, online continuing professional development (CPD) to help healthcare practitioners enhance their professional practice and stay at the forefront of the latest evidence and protocols. Through innovative partnerships, we offer high-quality content, free of charge, to more than 280,000 members in Canada, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Now, with more than 20 years of leadership in online CME/CPD, we have successfully adapted our model to reach rapidly expanding audiences globally. We do this by working with local partners and institutions to tailor accredited content to the educational needs of healthcare practitioners. 

As medical research continuously advances, so do our programs. Informed by feedback from our members, our content is developed by leading specialists and peer-reviewed by experts at respected institutions. These collaborative relationships allow us to produce custom educational content.

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MDBriefCase Group specializes in accredited, online continuing professional development (CPD) programs, custom tailored for specific international markets and available on a convenient online platform. 

All content is developed by leading specialists and peer-reviewed by experts at respected institutions, which keeps more than 280,000 global healthcare professionals at the forefront of the latest evidence and protocols worldwide.

The vast majority of our programs are accredited by one or more respected institutions. We do provide unaccredited content to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to relevant practical resources in addition to accredited learning.

Specific accrediting information (including the accrediting body, along with the type and number of credits) can be found on the “Main” page and/or “Accreditation” page of each program. In order to qualify for accreditation and obtain your certificate, you must successfully complete the requirements listed on the “Accreditation” or “CME Information” pages available in each program.

MDBriefCase Group works with various institutions to provide peer-reviewed, up-to-date accredited content. Our programs and resources are provided via collaboration between medical writers, faculty members, associations, universities and other relevant organizations. The content you were recommended is likely valued by your society or association and is conveniently provided to you free of charge on an MDBriefCase Group platform.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting one of our programs, please contact us.

If you are interested in working with MDBriefCase Group as a writer or committee member, please contact us.

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