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Train the Trainers: Optimizing Immunization Rates in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 2

Riyadh – Location to be announced

Dammam – Location to be announced

Jeddah – Location to be announced

[For healthcare professionals only]

Vaccinations are integral components of preventive healthcare and have had a profound impact on public health, notably reducing the global prevalence of infectious diseases and even leading to the eradication of certain deadly illnesses, such smallpox and rinderpest. However, despite these notable achievements, vaccine-preventable diseases remain a substantial concern, and underestimating the pivotal role of vaccinations can have severe consequences. 

Join us in person for an engaging two-day workshop on the importance and value of vaccination.

DAY 1: Learn about the foundational aspects of the immune response, the importance of vaccination, and challenges to vaccination.

DAY 2: A practical discussion on the vaccination process, strategies to address vaccine hesitancy, and the costs and value of vaccination.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the important role of vaccination in reducing the prevalence and burden of vaccine-preventable diseases.
  2. Address common objections to vaccination and apply motivational interviewing skills to promote vaccine confidence.
  3. Assess the value of vaccination from an economic, social, and health perspective.

Chair - Day 1


Dr. Musallam Abu Alhasan

MD, Community Medicine Consultant Epidemiologist, EPI Manager Ministry of Health, KSA

Chair - Day 2


Dr. Rawan Melibary

MD, Adverse Event Following Immunization Manager Ministry of Health, KSA

Local Faculty


Dr. Safaa Alwakeel

MPH, MBBS, Preventive and Community Medicine EPI and NVR Coordinator


Dr. Mazen Swar Elzahab

MD, Community Medicine Consultant Director of Public Health G.Administration

International Speakers


Dr. David Strain

MD, Associate Professor in Cardiometabolic Health Consultant in Stroke Medicine, Diabetes, and Geriatric Internal Medicine Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust England, United Kingdom


Dr. Dushyant Mital

MD, Consultant in Blood Borne Viruses Research Lead Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Milton Keynes NHS Trust England, United Kingdom

Workshop is going to be additionally supported by local vaccination experts: Abdullah Eid Alshnawani, Abdullah Hassan Mohammed Alqubaysi, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, Aisha Gailani, Alaa Ali Yaseen Khalawi, Amal Auoda Alharbi, Amany Ahmed Kamal Mohamed, Amgad Aly Elashkar, Dafa Allah Ballah Altayeb Mohammed, Djamel Mammeri, Eman Mohamed Agwa, Fathy Said Salem Alkanashey, Hanaa Elsayed Ali, Haikel Chedly Taher Abdelhedi, Hiba Seedahmed Elhag, Hossam Mohammed Yousef, Khulud Saeed Alghamdi, Latifah Abdullah Alsulayhim, Mona Hussein Ahmed Elzohri, Norah Abdullah Albdaya, Riham Salim Alhenaki, Shimaa Refaat Elsayed Badreldeen, Somaia Ahmad Mohamed Kasem, Sumood Abdulbaqi Albasara, Turki Abdulaziz Nuwayim, Yosra Abuswait, Zainab Hussain AlShayeb.

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This educational program is being provided by GSK. NX-SA-VX-WCNT-230002.

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