Maintaining flu coverage in the season of COVID


Maintaining Flu Coverage in the Season of COVID
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Thursday April 29, 2021 at 7:00 PM AEST

Join us for this 1-hour expert discussion featuring:

Dr Rodney Pearce AM, MBBS, FAMA will chair this panel discussion.

  • Dr Peter Eizenberg MBBS, VIC
  • Dr Leanne Jones MBBS, TAS
  • Dr Ginni Mansberg MBBS, NSW
  • Dr Sarah Chu MBBS, FRACGP, QLD

This webinar will address practical ways to maintain flu coverage and will cover the following topics:

  1. National and regional challenges with vaccination in 2021
  2. Adopting a practical approach to vaccine hesitancy
  3. Maintaining flu coverage in the season of COVID – how to manage.
  4. AIR – what are the implications
  5. Getting patients into practice and Patient Management techniques

This webinar has been developed in collaboration with Immunisation Coalition, Australia, and supported by an independent and unrestricted educational grant provided by Sanofi.

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