New Choices in Oral Contraception – Dispelling Old Myths - Certificate of Completion


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Extended-cycle regimen OCPs are unique in offering fewer or no withdrawal bleeds over the course of one year. They may be of particular benefit, for women with medical co-morbidities who would benefit from fewer withdrawal bleeds, those desiring to avoid monthly menses due to increased hormonal withdrawal symptoms or women who simply don’t want a monthly period.Communicating about contraceptive effectiveness in a way that is informative and meaningful for patients is also critical. GPs are well placed to advise patients about potential risks and benefits associated with the extended-cycle regimen OCPs.

This interactive online learning activity is valued at 1.5 Hour(s) of continuing education.


A/Prof Gino Pecoraro
Adjunct Associate Professor
University of Queensland,
Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, QLD

Ginni Mansberg
General Practitioner, Sans Souci, NSW

On completion of this program, participants will be better able to:

  1. Describe the issues around heavy menstrual periods and patients’ preference for fewer periods
  2. Counsel patients about the differences between menstrual bleeds and withdrawal bleeds, in the context of monthly and extended regimen oral contraceptives
  3. Identify the benefits of oral contraceptives with consistent hormone levels
  4. Educate patients about the safety of extended regimen of oral contraceptives with fewer periods

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