Eliminating Hepatitis C – The important role of nurses in general practice - Certificate of Completion


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Hepatitis C has been a significant public health issue in Australia for several decades, with a growing number of people living with hepatitis C and its associated disease burden. However, Australia has the essential tools to achieve elimination of hepatitis C as a public health threat, including availability of publicly funded direct-acting antiviral treatments (which can cure hepatitis C) and effective prevention methods including needle and syringe and opioid substitution therapy programs. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is bloodborne, and transmission can occur if there is blood-to-blood contact. Approximately 75 to 85% of cases progress to chronic infection if not treated. There are six main genotypes of the hepatitis C virus, numbered 1 to 6, and different treatment options are available based on the genotype, which will be detailed in this education program.

This interactive online learning activity is valued at 1.5Hour(s) of continuing education.


Jacqui Richmond, PhD
Registered Nurse – Bachelor of Nursing,
Master of Public Health
Program Manager, Workforce Development and
Health Service Delivery, EC Australia


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