Communication Skills For Healthcare Professionals Program


3 hours



# of Credits



Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Expiry Date






  1. Aspects of Communication
  • Evaluate patient problems and suffering accurately
  • Interpret patient’s verbal and nonverbal communication effectively
  • Utilize verbal and nonverbal communication effectively
  • Develop self-awareness about your communication method
  • Convey proper diagnosis health education to patients
  • Beware of real patient suffering
  • Understand the concept of patient-centered interviewing skills
  • Identify the six stages in the communication cycle
  • Explain the ways to improve communication
  • Describe the barriers to communication
  • Explain the verbal communication process
  • Describe ways to convey proper diagnosis and health education to patients
  • List the benefits of Health Education
  • Identify the aspects of nonverbal communication
  • Explain the role of nonverbal cues
  • Identify the strategies used to communicate smartly 
  1. Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Handle difficult situations with patients and their families
  • Apply the expanded consultation model with patients
  • Perform self-assessment
  • Differentiate between the different types of doctor-patient relationship
  • Build rapport with patients/ show empathy
  • Develop good doctor-patient relationships
  • Apply the SPIKES protocol when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Recognize how to communicate with the patient’s family
  • Provide reassurance to patients receiving difficult news
  • List the characteristics of the traditional consultation model
  • Apply the expanded model of consultation patients
  • Apply tips for learning new skills in communicating with patients
  • Self-assess your consultation methods

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