Clinical Haematology Education for Advanced Trainees


30 minutes



# of Credits




Expiry Date


The program was inspired by a survey of trainees at HAA 2017 that identified clinical haematology training was an area of unmet need. This program is aimed at Advanced Trainees and Junior Haematologists. The aim is to focus on clinical management of haematological disorders avoiding overlap with the pathology training curriculum, and to contextualise current evidence-based treatment approaches and emerging novel therapies with a clinical practice focus. Trainees should get an appreciation for the evolution of treatment within each topic.



Steering Committee

  • Dr Nada Hamad
    Chair and NSW Representative
  • Dr Wei Jiang
    Assisting Chair
  • Dr Sally Campbell
    CJTC Trainee Representative
  • Dr Maya Latimer
    ACT Representative
  • Dr Rebecca Adams
    QLD Representative
  • Dr Anna Hutchinson
    TAS Representative
  • Dr David Yeung
    SA Representative
  • Dr Jim Griffiths
    VIC Representative
  • Dr Matt Wright
    WA Representative
  • Dr Helen Moore
    New Zealand Representative

Faculty Presenters

  • Dr Nada Hamad
  • Dr Stephanie P’ng
  • Dr Danny Hsu
  • Dr Melita Kenealy
  • Dr Pasquale Barbaro
  • Dr David Yeung
  • Dr Cecily Forsyth
  • Dr Catherine Tang
  • Dr Chan Cheah
  • Dr Shane Gangatharan
  • Dr Constantine Tam
  • Dr Hang Quach
  • Dr Philip Choi
  • Dr Michelle Spanevello
  • Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber
  • Dr Sally Campbell
  • Dr Michael Dickinson
  • Dr Shaun Fleming
  • Dr Paul Monagle
  • Dr Jenny Curnow


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